Fairuz on Tour - October 2003

A FairuzOnline.com Exclusive!!

In celebration of Fairuz's much anticipated US tour, FairuzOnline.com is providing all Fairuz fans the opportunity to own the Legend's entire CD collection:



For a limited time, and only through "Everything Fairuz", receive a $100 discount when you purchase the entire collection.


The collection includes 52 single CDs, 15 Operettas (2 CDs each), and a live concert recording (Olympia - 2 CDs) for a total of 84 CDs!

To purchase this collection and receive your discount of $100, you must click on "Everything Fairuz" and choose the special line item Fairuz-Collection.

This is a limited time offer, and no substitutions/changes/replacements are accepted. Only one collection and one $100 discount per customer. Additional charge for shipping & handling ($25 in the US). This special offer is made through FairuzOnline.com and is only available through this site.

Stay tuned to FairuzOnline.com for more information, up to date news, and your chance to receive exclusive promotional materials.

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