Fairuz on Stage – December 2006

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Beirut, Lebanon – Fairuz, the legendary Lebanese singer, took to the stage in her first performance in Beirut since 1994. Her stage revival of the classic play “Sah Ennoam” was also a revival of Lebanese spirit and unity. The performance at the Beirut International Exhibition & Leisure Center (BIEL) near the port of Beirut was sold out as people from all over Lebanon united in their quest to attend Fairuz’s return to the stage after 29 years.

Sah Ennoam, composed by the Rahbani Brothers, was first performed live in 1970 at the Damascus International Festival.

Under the musical and artistic direction of Ziad Rahbani, the symbolic play struck a chord with the audience who cheered for almost 20 minutes at the end of the performance. Fairuz, revered as royalty in Lebanon, delivered a powerful performance with her voice rising above war and politics.

The performance was initially scheduled for the Baalbeck International Festival in July but was canceled due to the Israeli invasion of Lebanon. Fairuz’s appearance as “Erinful”, the common girl who defied the tyrant ruler, drew applause, tears, and deafening cheers from the crowd who braved multiple security points, demonstrations, and blocked roads to attend this historic event.

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