Fairuz in Concert – February 2005
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Montreal, Canada – With a frenzied audience longing for their Diva, Fairuz’s much anticipated performances at the Place des Arts took place on February 12th and 13th. The concert on Saturday began about 60 minutes late but many of the audience members commented “We waited 24 years for her return, what is another 60 minutes?”

Appearing in a black sequined dress and simple straight golden locks (reminiscent of her recent Amman performance), Fairuz opened her concerts with “Fi Ahwe ‘al Mafra’”. Collective cheers and gasps followed as many in the audience were transformed back in time to the land they left long ago.

Accompanied by 22 musicians and 7 chorus members, this was Fairuz’s historic return to Montreal. The orchestra, which included musicians from both Lebanon and Armenia, was beautifully conducted by Mr. Karen Durgarian, Fairuz’s conductor since 2000.

The concert program included mostly nostalgic numbers, including Assi’s masterpiece “Hamra Stteihatek”. The legendary singer also performed Ziad’s latest “Ya Di’annou” for her grand finale.

After a short intermission, Fairuz returned in a beautiful honey-colored sequined dress, moving the audience to tears with “Sanarji’ou”. Her symbolic gestures and extended arms signaled to many an invitation to return home. For a people scattered on every continent, Fairuz will always be a symbol of unity and humanity.

Fairuz ended the concerts with three well selected encores. Her final performance of “Hanna Essekran” brought the entire crowd to their feet as they cheered for her to return. With an elegant bow and a salute to her loyal audience, she disappeared behind the curtains amid deafening applause.

Fairuz and her entourage departed Montreal on Monday to return to Beirut.

Concert Program:

Instrumental Intro
Fi Ahwe ‘al Mafra’
El’Amar Bidawwi
Immy Namet ‘a Bakkeer
‘Aishay Wahda Balak – Chorus
Yammel Asawer – Chorus
Salimle ‘Alayh
Habeitak Bisseif
‘Irtah ‘Irtah – Chorus
‘Iltilha – Chorus
Ya Rubua’ Biladi
Badna Nkammel
Ya Jisran Khashabiyan


Instrumental Intro
Sawa Rbeena
Leiliyyeh Btirja’ Ya Leil
Al Baalbakiyah Medley (Laweyn Ryeheen, Tlall Ezzira’een, Midwiyyeh)
Haddouni – Chorus
Tallu ‘Essiyadi – Chorus
Hamra Stteihatek
Ba’adana man Yaqsidil Kuroom
Akhir Iyam Esseifiyeh
Ya Di’annou

Ishta’tillak– Encore
Bi’oulou Zgheiyar Baladi – Encore
Hanna Essikran - Encore


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