New Fairuz CD – March 2005
A Exclusive!!

London, United Kingdom - A new official CD, highlighting Fairuz’s work over the past 50 years, has just been released.

Fairuz – The Lady & The Legend is a compilation showcasing some of the greatest works of the legendary singer. It covers recordings from her earliest days, with classics such as “Shat Iskandaria” and the rare gem “Al Lail Anasheed Wa Alomur Mawaied”, to many of her most recent hits like “Ana Fezaani” and “Kifak Inta”. The CD also includes two live versions of the nostalgic “Nassam Alayna”, and “La Inta Habibi” with its haunting melancholic melody.

The liner notes, beautifully designed with a distinct Middle Eastern theme, include a short biography, quotes, song introductions, as well as some translated lyrics.


Track Listing:

· Ana Fezaani
· Mush Kissa Hai
· Yabki wa Yadhak
· Fi Shi Am Bisseer
· Dhia’anou
· Shat Iskandaria
· Ams Intahena
· Kal Ya Beitan Lana
· Al Lail Anasheed wa Alomur Mawaied
· Prova
· Kifak Inta
· Wahdon
· La Inta Habibi (Live)
· Nassam Alayna (Live)
· Yes’ed Sabahak

From the liner notes:
“…Just listen to the applause as Fairuz appears on stage. No artist deserves such acclaim without being able to ‘cut it’ on stage, and Fairuz’s performances are legendary.”

“….A voice that seduces and convinces, calms yet inspires countless individuals throughout the world…. When she sings, it is as if she sings for you alone.”


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