Fairuz Good Friday – April 2005
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Beirut, Lebanon – “Ya Sha’bi wa Sahbi” began Fairuz’s heavenly chants for the Good Friday mass.

At the church of the Lady of Muhaidseh in Bikfayya, a summer resort east of Beirut, Fairuz chanted her famous Good Friday hymns, elevating those in attendance to the heavens. Fairuz affirmed the audience's belief not only in the crucifixion, but also in the rising of Christ with her ethereal gift.

Just before 4:00 P.M. local time, thousands had gathered for the mass. With a 17 member chorus and minimal musical accompaniment, Heaven’s Ambassador chanted the hymns (tarateel) to a faithful audience straining to get a glimpse of their Diva. Kneeling at the altar, head bowed in supplication, Fairuz’s voice filled the small church as she chanted a new hymn for the first time; Sabbihu al Rabb.

Fairuz began the mass early to allow for the traditional procession through the village. She departed shortly after the mass, surrounded by fans and well wishers.

Good Friday Mass:

Ya Sha’bi wa Sahbi
Wa Nnabi
Anal Ummul Hazina
Kamel al Ajyal
Ahmudu al Rabb
La Tanouhi
Alyaom ‘Uliqa ‘ala Khashaba
Syriac (Ezuwee)
Ya Yasou’ el Hayat Nu’athimuka
Qamat Mariyam
Wa Habibi
Sabbihu al Rabb (new)
Qum Ya Allah
Antum al Latheena Bil Maseeh
Al Aodiya al ‘Oula
Al Maseehu Qaam
Al Aodiya al Tasi’aa


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