Fairuz in Concert – March 2006

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Appearing in an elegant yellow sequined dress, Fairuz opened her much anticipated concert with a surprise performance of “Kan Enna Tahoon”, immediately captivating the audience with her angelic voice and a nostalgic melody.

The concert, a benefit for the Autistic Center Foundation, had been sold out for weeks as fans from all over the Arab World snapped up the few available tickets. The program was dominated by classics from the golden age of Rahbani music and the orchestra, which included musicians from both Lebanon and Armenia, was beautifully conducted by Mr. Karen Durgarian.

In the second half of the concert, Fairuz returned in a beautiful Afghan-style dress to sing “Faye’ Ya Hawa”, a classic composed by the late Philemon Wehbe. Fairuz ended the concert with Ziad’s smash hit “Ishta’tillak” which brought the audience to their feet, cheering for their diva to return for more. This audience response elicited a rare smile from the “Ambassador of the Stars”, and Fairuz obliged her fans with four well selected encores, including the classic masterpiece “Zourouni” by the legendary composer Sayyed Darwiche.

The concert program also included two songs, “Ya Rayt” and “’Am Yil’abou El Wlad”, which Fairuz had never before performed live.

Concert Program:

Sahriya - Instrumental Intro
Kan Enna Tahoon
Hanna Essikran
El Nay (‘Atini El Nay Wa Ghanni)
Ya Ana
Seif El Marajel – Chorus
Shu Bit’ouli Ya Nassoum - Chorus
‘Am Yil’abou El Wlad
Ghaiyarou (Dabke)
Shu Hal Eyyam – Chorus
Haddouni – Chorus
Ya Amar Ana Wiyyak
Hkilli Hkilli ‘Ann Baladi
Shatti Ya Dini


Film Amerci Taweel – Instrumental Intro
Faye’ Ya Hawa
Al Baalbakiyah Medley (Laweyn Ryeheen, Tlall Ezzira’een, Midwiyyeh) – with Chorus
Khayef Koon ‘Ishi’tik - Chorus
‘Irtah ‘Irtah – Chorus
Ya Rayt
Hamra Stteihatek
Ba’adana Man Yaqsidil Kuroom

Immy Namet ‘a Bakkeer – Encore
Ughniat El Wada’a – Encore
Hanna Essikran – Encore
Zourouni - Encore


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