Fairuz in Concert – September 2004
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Amman, Jordan – Nostalgia and a salute to the golden age of Rahbani music is how Fairuz, appearing in an elegant black dress, began her concert yesterday with “Fi Ahwe ‘al Mafra’”. The concert, at the University Arena in the Jordanian capital, had been sold out since it was announced, and the audience of about 5,000 was in a frenzy awaiting the beginning of the concert which started over 30 minutes late.

The legendary singer from Beirut shined in her performance and despite his absence, Ziad Rahbani was present through his brilliant orchestration of the music. The orchestra, which included musicians from both Lebanon and Armenia, was beautifully conducted by Mr. Karen Durgarian who added energy and a special touch of enthusiasm to the performance.

After a short intermission and in a beautiful Afghan-style turquoise dress, Fairuz, with a subtle gesture and an angelic touch moved the hearts and minds of the audience with “Ya Rubua’ Biladi”, “Ba’adana man Yaqsidil Kuroom”, and “Ya Jisran Khashabiyan”, confirming her status not only as a living legend, but as a cultural, political, and humanitarian icon as well.

Fairuz ended the concert with Ziad’s latest masterpiece (and only composition to be included in the program) “Ma Shawarit Hali/Ya Di’annou”, which brought the crowd to their feet, cheering for their diva to return for more. Fairuz obliged her fans with three encores: “Badna Nkammel”, “Immy Namet”, and a repeat of “Ya Di’annou” before bowing once again amid deafening applause from her fans.

Concert Program:

Nazl Esurour - Instrumental Intro
Fi Ahwe ‘al Mafra’
Taree’ Ennahil
Immy Namet ‘a Bakkeer
‘Aishay Wahda Balak – Chorus
Yammel Asawer – Chorus
El’Amar Bidawwi
Habeitak Bisseif
‘Irtah ‘Irtah – Chorus
‘Iltilha – Chorus
Ya Rubua’ Biladi
Ya Jisran Khashabiyan
Badna Nkammel


Film Amerci Taweel – Instrumental
Sawa Rbeena
Milheb Jayye – with Chorus
Haddouni – Chorus
Tallu ‘Essiyadi – Chorus
Hamra Stteihatek
Ba’adana man Yaqsidil Kuroom
Akhir Iyam Esseifiyeh
Ma Shawarit Hali/Ya Di’annou

Badna Nkammel – Encore
Immy Namet ‘a Bakkeer – Encore
Ya Di’annou - Encore






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