The years of war, change, modernization, and immigration have changed the face of today’s Lebanon. Fairuz, whose identity is as much a part of Lebanese history as Lebanon is a part of hers, considers the films she made her favorite work.

“The past never leaves us. Forget souvenirs, I consider the films I did to have
all those things we loved and wanted to stay forever. They capture moments
in time, in the history of Lebanon when there was peace, prosperity, and
happiness. Unlike reality, on film they are always there.”

1968 - Bint Elhares (Night Guard’s Daughter), Rahbani/Barakat
1967 - Safar Barlek (Exile), Rahbani/Barakat
1965 - Biyya’ Elkhawatem (Rings for Sale), Rahbani/Chahin

* Source: Documentary, Fairuz – 1998.
2003 - We Loved Each Other So Much (WE HIELDEN ZOVEEL VAN MEKAAR).
Fairuz is considered far and away the greatest music star alive and the most popular cultural phenomenon in the Arab world. For half a century now, Fairuz has been a living legend in the Arab world. Her home is Beirut, once a thriving seaport, “The Paris of the Middle East”, and a haven for those fleeing religious or ethnic persecution. During the civil war Fairuz remained in Beirut and the film portrays the love of diverse Beirut inhabitants for this diva. Through the music and the myth that grew around Fairuz, they tell their life stories and narrate the stirring history of their city. Directed by Jack Janssen.
1999 - ‘Arrab Elmao’ed (Time is Upon Us)
Covered Fairuz’s historical performance at MGM’s Garden Arena. It is a rare, behind the scenes look at the Lebanese Legend while she and her entourage prepare for the grand event. Scenes include rehearsals, stage set up, a private reception to honor Fairuz, as well as her visits to local attractions. Directed by Rima Rahbani.
1998 - Fairuz
A history of Fairuz and Lebanon. The documentary begins with Fairuz’s happy childhood and modest upbringing, the summers she spent at her grandmother’s mountain village, her beginning at the Lebanese Radio Station, the long journey with Assi and Mansour Rahbani, the civil war, and the return of peace. The film tells the story of Lebanon through Fairuz’s voice, which is a part of the mosaic of Lebanese history, and a call to those who left to return to the land she never left. Directed by Frederic Mitterrand.
1971 - Fairuz in America
Covered Fairuz’s first major tour in North America. Produced by Parker & Associates
    - Hikayet El’iswara (A Bracelet’s Story)
    - Dei’it Elghani (Rich Village)
    - Layali Elsa’ed (Nights of Happiness)
    - Alquds fil Baal (Jerusalem in my Heart)
    - Dafater Ellayl (Night Memoirs)
    - Ma’ Ezzikrayat (Reminiscing)
    - Sahret Hub (Night of Love)
    - Qasidet Hub (Love Poem)
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